Kohgen event information in English

KOHGEN (The Power of Dreams)

KOHGEN was initiated as a Buddhism and music event in September, 2011. This event began as a response to the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami disaster earlier in the year. After the disaster, many young people relentlessly engaged in volunteer activities for Japan and the disaster stricken Tohoku area. The KOHGEN event was created in order to provide those volunteers a short time to relax, reflect, and refresh their energy. KOHGEN literally means to "face the origin".
We hope this event will increase their ability to realize their dreams.
For the inaugural event in 2011, the concert brought together Buddhist chanting and pop music at a temple. For the second event during 2012, vegetarian diet, meditation and yoga activities were added to the concert event.
This year, various events will take place at four locations including Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines under the theme "Are you listening to your own voice?." In addition to previous years' activities, various interactive workshops have been added to this year's event, such as Noh play and court music by Shinto priests, flower arrangement, calligraphy, counseling, ascetic practices, and more.

Through these interactive workshops, we hope that you will be able to rediscover your nature - one that you may not have been aware of due to a busy life style. We believe all people can be compassionate if they realize how interrelated they are with others.


2013 KOHGEN: Are you listening to your own voice?


DateMonday, April 29, 2013.


Jōgyōji Temple (Tendai-shū): 9-18, Minami Shinagawa 2-chome, Shinagawa-ku

Shōtokuji Temple (Jōdo Shin-shū): 9-26, Kita Shinagawa 2-chome, Shinagawa-ku

Seitokuji Temple (Rinzai-shū):7-22, Kita Shinagawa 3-chome, Shinagawa-ku

Shinagawa Shrine (Shintoism):7-15, Kita Shinagawa 3-chome, Shinagawa-ku

Quorum: 250 people

Fee: Special Pre-sales Ticket 4,000 yen including Shojin Bento (vegetarian lunch box)

(50 tickets limited on Higanji website)

Advance Ticket 4,500 yen including Shojin Bento(vegetarian lunch box)

(200 tickets limited on e-plus)

With this ticket, you must book an interactive workshop from the programs below:

Jōgyōji Temple

a) The Noh Play, Gagaku (Court Music), Mikomai (ShrineMaiden's Ceremonial Dance), Buddhist Chanting.

b) KOHGEN Live & DJ

c) Live &DJ

d) Dharma Speech & Vegetarian Diet

e) Yoga & Meditation

Shōtokuji Temple

a)    Igo (Chess-like strategic board game)

b) Discussing the Passing of Life

c) Buddhist Service & Vegetarian Diet

d) Meal in the Darkness

e) Flower Arrangement

Seitokuji Temple

a)     Taiwanese Tea & Zen Discussion

Shinagawa Shrine

a) Calligraphy

b) Buddhist Practices at Shinto Shrine

c) Reading Buddhist Text in terms of Reality

d) Making Buddhist Incense 

友光雅臣 (ともみつ がしん)
>>プロフィールを読む 1983年生。大正大学卒。2008年天台宗比叡山での修行を終え、東京・常行寺の僧侶になる。2011年より音楽を軸とした仏教総合イベント『向源』2012年に対話イベント『お寺で対話する夜』神職と僧侶の勉強会『神仏和合』を開催。